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In our elementary ministry, we work to build a strong Gospel-centered foundation through age appropriate teachings, worship and small group time. Each lesson is designed with a Jesus connection and practical life application for our kids. It is our desire for every student to get to know Jesus better and to thrive in Jesus. We end each service with small group experiences designed to allow kids to ask questions and apply biblical principles to their lives.


First-Time Guests: As a first time guest, look for the check-in information station to register your child for an age appropriate class.  You will meet a check-in host and they will help you connect your children to the correct classes.

Self Check-in: After your first time at Thrive Kids, you can easily utilize our “Self Check-in” kiosks to get checked in each week.  Simply go to one of the check-in stations located the lobby area and search by your phone number.  Once you’ve located your family select the child to check in and their appropriate age group.  The machine will generate your child’s name tag and your ID number tag.  Your child will not be released from his or her classroom until we receive the matching ID number tag back from you at pick up.



Your child’s safety is important to us. Each week you check in, you and your child will receive name tags and an ID number tag. If you lose your child’s corresponding tag, you will need to present identification in order to receive your child.



If your child has food or environmental allergies, please make sure to let us know.  All allergies will be listed on the child's name tag so our children's ministry volunteers are aware.  Please make sure to let us know any unique concerns at check-in and we will make sure to accommodate.



Eliana Marksberry

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